By: Stache Staff

Oh Jennry!


Jenrry Mejia, you are truly an idiot. Not just an idiot but a selfish one at that. You may not be eligible to pitch again until next July, but I for one hope you never get another big league shot; because you don’t deserve one.

I thought it was a joke when my friend texted me that Mejia was going to be banned for a 162 games due to a second infraction against the league’s PED policy. Quickly I learned that the only joke was Mejia himself. To get caught twice these days is a total rarity. The fact that it came just two weeks after being reinstated from his first suspension is infuriating.

Mejia has not yet commented, and what can he possibly say? He already pleaded ignorance the first go-around. It is a very good thing that the Mets reinforced their bullpen with Clippard earlier this week. Obviously the Mets were never able to count on Jenrry Mejia and who would ever believe that they could again. Fool us once…

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