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Roberto Clemente: Mr. 3,000 Against the Mets


Yesterday was the 42-year anniversary by one of the most special athletes in baseball history getting his 3,000th hit…Roberto Clemente.

Clemente got his 3,000th hit against, you guessed it, the Mets on Sept. 30, 1972. He hit a double off well-known pitcher John Matlack.

Clemente was well known for his charitable work to help those who needed it. After his hit against the Mets, he was on his way to bring aid to Earthquake victims in Haiti when his plane crash, killing the hall of fame Pirate.

Clemente is the first Latino player to win a World Series as a starter (1960), to receive a National League MVP Award (1966), and to receive a World Series MVP Award (1971).

His loss wasn’t only a loss for baseball, but for society as a whole. He’s one of those people who did things the right way. He had means, so he used them to help those without resources, a model worth following for sure.

If you watch the below swing, plus his speed, it looked like the 38-year-old outfielder had a lot more in the tank. But sadly, his 300th hit was his last.


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