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SNY Details Mets Regular Season Television Schedule


NEW YORK – March 19, 2019  SNY, the official television home of the New York Mets, New York Jets and all things New York sports, today announced its 2019 regular season broadcast schedule for the New York Mets featuring 133 exclusive live games including pre- and post-game shows. SNY’s Emmy Award-winning Mets broadcast returns Thursday, March 28 at 1:05 p.m. ET, as the New York Mets open the 2019 season on the road against the Washington Nationals. 

SNY’s broadcast team of Gary CohenKeith Hernandez and Ron Darling, widely regarded as the best booth in baseball, return for their unprecedented 14th season together. They will be joined by Mets on-field reporter Steve Gelbs. Gelbs will continue delivering his insightful in-game interviews and features with players, coaches and other personalities. This season, the broadcast team will also be providing content for SNY’s social media outlets pre-, during and post-game.

SNY’s Opening Day Lineup will begin with a special 90-minute Citi Pre-Game Live hosted by Gary Apple, who will be joined by former Mets Todd Zeile and Nelson Figueroa and former Mets General ManagerJim Duquette as they take viewers right up to the start of the game with Jacob DeGrom scheduled to take the mound for the Mets.

The game will be followed by W.B. Mason Post-Game Live and will continue via SNY’s sports news and entertainment programming block starting with The Thread, Presented by Citi at 5:00 p.m. The Thread, hosted by Justine Ward, is SNY’s newest daily program and will feature insiders and social media influencers as they discuss the storylines that have the sports culture buzzing that day. Following The Thread, will be Loud Mouths, Presented by CheapO Air at 5:30 p.m., and Baseball Night in New York, Presented by Tri-State Cadillac Dealers and hosted by Doug Williams at 6:00 p.m. SNY then wraps up the entire day’s cover with GEICO SportsNite at 11:00 p.m.



11:30am – 1:00 pm     Citi Pre Game Live

1:00 – 4:00 pm            Mets vs. Nationals, first pitch at 1:05 

4:00 – 5:00 pm            W.B. Mason Post Game Show

5:00 – 5:30 pm            The Thread, Presented by Citi

5:30 – 6:00 pm            Loud Mouths, Presented by CheapO Air

6:00 – 6:30 pm            Baseball Night in New York, Presented by Tri-State Cadillac Dealers

11:00 – 11:30pm         GEICO SportsNite

Throughout the season, all Mets games and pre- and post-game coverage on SNY will be streamed live via and the NBC Sports app to SNY subscribers. The NBC Sports app is available on Apple iOS, Android and select Samsung devices, as well as on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Win10 and Xbox. Authenticated SNY subscribers can access live Mets game broadcasts, even when outside of their region, provided they are within the United States. SNY’s “TV Everywhere” streaming service is done in collaboration with the NBC Sports Group, whose corporate affiliate is a minority owner of SNY. For a full list of carriers and more information about SNY’s authenticated live streaming service, viewers can visit the following link:

SNY’s website,, will continue to provide the most comprehensive, exclusive online coverage of the Mets anywhere on the web, while will have the Mets beat covered with interviews, exclusive video features as well as the latest news and buzz surrounding the team.  


Thursday28-Mar@Nationals1:05 PMSNY
Saturday30-Mar@Nationals1:05 PMSNY
Sunday31-Mar@Nationals1:35 PMSNY
Monday1-Apr@Marlins7:10 PMSNY
Tuesday2-Apr@Marlins7:10 PMSNY
Wednesday3-Apr@Marlins6:10 PMSNY
Thursday4-AprNationals1:10 PMSNY
Saturday6-AprNationals1:10 PMSNY
Sunday7-AprNationals1:10 PMSNY
Tuesday9-AprTwins7:10 PMSNY
Wednesday10-AprTwins7:10 PMSNY
Thursday11-Apr@Braves7:20 PMSNY
Friday12-Apr@Braves7:20 PMSNY
Saturday13-Apr@Braves7:20 PMSNY, FS1
Monday15-Apr@Phillies7:05 PMSNY, ESPN
Tuesday16-Apr@Phillies7:05 PMSNY
Wednesday17-Apr@Phillies1:05 PMSNY
Friday19-Apr@Cardinals8:15 PMSNY
Saturday20-Apr@Cardinals2:15 PMPIX 11
Sunday21-Apr@Cardinals2:15 PMPIX 11
Monday22-AprPhillies7:10 PMSNY, ESPN
Tuesday23-AprPhillies7:10 PMSNY
Wednesday24-AprPhillies7:10 PMSNY
Friday26-AprBrewers7:10 PMSNY
Saturday27-AprBrewers7:10 PMPIX 11, FS1
Sunday28-AprBrewers1:10 PMPIX 11
Monday29-AprReds7:10 PMSNY
Tuesday30-AprReds7:10 PMSNY
Wednesday1-MayReds7:10 PMSNY
Thursday2-MayReds12:10 PMSNY
Friday3-May@Brewers8:10 PMSNY
Saturday4-May@Brewers7:10 PMSNY
Sunday5-May@Brewers2:10 PMSNY
Monday6-May@Padres10:10 PMSNY
Tuesday7-May@Padres10:10 PMSNY
Wednesday8-May@Padres3:40 PMSNY
Friday10-MayMarlins7:10 PMSNY
Saturday11-MayMarlins7:10 PMPIX 11
Sunday12-MayMarlins1:10 PMSNY
Tuesday14-May@Nationals7:05 PMSNY
Wednesday15-May@Nationals7:05 PMSNY
Thursday16-May@Nationals1:05 PMSNY
Friday17-May@Marlins7:10 PMSNY
Saturday18-May@Marlins4:10 PMSNY
Sunday19-May@Marlins1:10 PMPIX 11
Monday20-MayNationals7:10 PMSNY
Tuesday21-MayNationals7:10 PMSNY
Wednesday22-MayNationals7:10 PMSNY
Thursday23-MayNationals12:10 PMSNY
Friday24-MayTigers7:10 PMSNY
Saturday25-MayTigers4:10 PMPIX 11
Sunday26-MayTigers1:10 PMPIX 11
Monday27-May@Dodgers8:10 PMSNY, ESPN
Tuesday28-May@Dodgers10:10 PMSNY
Wednesday29-May@Dodgers10:10 PMSNY
Thursday30-May@Dodgers10:10 PMSNY
Friday31-May@Diamondbacks9:40 PMSNY
Saturday1-Jun@Diamondbacks10:10 PMSNY
Sunday2-Jun@Diamondbacks4:10 PMSNY
Tuesday4-JunGiants7:10 PMSNY
Wednesday5-JunGiants7:10 PMSNY
Thursday6-JunGiants12:10 PMSNY
Friday7-JunRockies7:10 PMSNY
Saturday8-JunRockies7:15 PMFOX
Sunday9-JunRockies1:10 PMSNY
Monday10-Jun@Yankees7:05 PMSNY
Tuesday11-Jun@Yankees7:05 PMSNY, ESPN
Thursday13-JunCardinals7:10 PMSNY
Friday14-JunCardinals7:10 PMSNY
Saturday15-JunCardinals7:10 PMPIX 11
Sunday16-JunCardinals1:10 PMPIX 11
Monday17-Jun@Braves7:20 PMSNY
Tuesday18-Jun@Braves7:20 PMSNY
Wednesday19-Jun@Braves7:20 PMSNY
Thursday20-Jun@Cubs8:05 PMSNY
Friday21-Jun@Cubs2:20 PMSNY
Saturday22-Jun@Cubs2:20 PMPIX 11
Sunday23-Jun@Cubs2:20 PMPIX 11
Monday24-Jun@Phillies7:05 PMSNY
Tuesday25-Jun@Phillies7:05 PMSNY
Wednesday26-Jun@Phillies7:05 PMSNY
Thursday27-Jun@Phillies1:05 PMSNY
Friday28-JunBraves7:10 PMSNY
Saturday29-JunBraves4:10 PMSNY
Sunday30-JunBraves7:05 PMESPN
Tuesday2-JulYankees7:10 PMPIX 11
Wednesday3-JulYankees7:10 PMSNY, ESPN
Friday5-JulPhillies7:10 PMSNY
Saturday6-JulPhillies7:15 PMFOX
Sunday7-JulPhillies1:10 PMPIX 11
Friday12-Jul@Marlins7:10 PMSNY
Saturday13-Jul@Marlins6:10 PMPIX 11
Sunday14-Jul@Marlins1:10 PMSNY
Tuesday16-Jul@Twins8:10 PMSNY
Wednesday17-Jul@Twins1:10 PMSNY
Friday19-Jul@Giants10:15 PMSNY
Saturday20-Jul@Giants4:05 PMPIX 11, FS1
Sunday21-Jul@Giants4:05 PMSNY
Tuesday23-JulPadres7:10 PMSNY
Wednesday24-JulPadres7:10 PMSNY
Thursday25-JulPadres12:10 PMSNY
Friday26-JulPirates7:10 PMSNY
Saturday27-JulPirates7:10 PMPIX 11
Sunday28-JulPirates1:10 PMPIX 11
Tuesday30-Jul@White Sox8:10 PMSNY
Wednesday31-Jul@White Sox8:10 PMSNY
Thursday1-Aug@White Sox2:10 PMSNY
Friday2-Aug@Pirates7:05 PMSNY
Saturday3-Aug@Pirates7:05 PMSNY
Sunday4-Aug@Pirates1:35 PMSNY
Monday5-AugMarlins7:10 PMSNY
Tuesday6-AugMarlins7:10 PMSNY
Wednesday7-AugMarlins12:10 PMSNY
Friday9-AugNationals7:10 PMSNY
Saturday10-AugNationals7:10 PMPIX 11
Sunday11-AugNationals1:10 PMSNY
Tuesday13-Aug@Braves7:20 PMSNY
Wednesday14-Aug@Braves7:20 PMSNY
Thursday15-Aug@Braves7:20 PMSNY
Friday16-Aug@Royals8:15 PMSNY
Saturday17-Aug@Royals7:15 PMPIX 11
Sunday18-Aug@Royals2:15 PMSNY
Tuesday20-AugIndians7:10 PMSNY
Wednesday21-AugIndians7:10 PMSNY
Thursday22-AugIndians7:10 PMSNY
Friday23-AugBraves7:10 PMSNY
Saturday24-AugBraves7:10 PMPIX 11
Sunday25-AugBraves1:10 PMPIX 11
Tuesday27-AugCubs7:10 PMSNY
Wednesday28-AugCubs7:10 PMSNY
Thursday29-AugCubs7:10 PMSNY
Friday30-Aug@Phillies7:05 PMSNY
Saturday31-Aug@Phillies4:05 PMSNY, FS1
Sunday1-Sep@Phillies1:05 PMSNY
Monday2-Sep@Nationals1:05 PMSNY
Tuesday3-Sep@Nationals7:05 PMSNY
Wednesday4-Sep@Nationals1:05 PMSNY
Friday6-SepPhillies7:10 PMSNY
Saturday7-SepPhillies7:10 PMSNY, FS1
Sunday8-SepPhillies1:10 PMSNY
Monday9-SepDiamondbacks7:10 PMSNY
Tuesday10-SepDiamondbacks7:10 PMSNY
Wednesday11-SepDiamondbacks7:10 PMSNY
Thursday12-SepDiamondbacks1:10 PMSNY
Friday13-SepDodgers7:10 PMSNY
Saturday14-SepDodgers7:10 PMPIX 11
Sunday15-SepDodgers1:10 PMSNY
Monday16-Sep@Rockies8:40 PMSNY
Tuesday17-Sep@Rockies8:40 PMSNY
Wednesday18-Sep@Rockies3:10 PMSNY
Friday20-Sep@Reds7:10 PMSNY
Saturday21-Sep@Reds4:10 PMPIX 11
Sunday22-Sep@Reds1:10 PMPIX 11
Monday23-SepMarlins7:10 PMSNY
Tuesday24-SepMarlins7:10 PMSNY
Wednesday25-SepMarlins7:10 PMSNY
Thursday26-SepMarlins7:10 PMSNY
Friday27-SepBraves7:10 PMSNY
Saturday28-SepBraves7:10 PMSNY
Sunday29-SepBraves3:10 PMSNY


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