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You Mad, Bro? White Sox Edition


Editors Note: With the success of the #MetsTwitterRecap after every Mets game, we here at the Stache have taken an idea from the lovely Susana and run with it.

After every Mets win for the rest of the season, we will check out how the team they beat feels while watching their beloved team lose to the Mets. Enjoy!

South Side Sox Blog comments:

  • “Citi Field is nice, but the inside looks like a subway station. Also, a note to their ballpark management: The Mets are the team that plays their home games at Citi Field, not the Brooklyn Dodgers.”

  • “If he can throw that anywhere near the zone, you basically just have to guess what’s coming and hope for the best, huh?”

  • ^Response: “I think they have to gear themselves up for the fastball which is also very difficult to hit.”
    • ^Response: “This. They’re fucked.”
  • “Wait wait who are the mets”
  • “Oh, Harvey can double up his changeup, too. Neat.”
  • “Ahahahah david wright, i understand your music now. “i got 5s on it” and he wears number 5. so clever.”

  • “I mean, the kid harvey has a nosebleed in the beginning of the game SCREAMS ped’s”

    • ^Response: “i jinxed him!!! i jinxed him!!! yayyyyyyyyyy yeah i was jokin about the PED’s tho. harvey is a beast, he dont need em”
  • “You’re welcome.”


  • “I kind of wish I could watch this game, but I kind of don’t”

  • “Welp.”
  • “Disgusting.”
  • “Fail”
  • “Stupid dead ball era.”
  • “I told you guys it would be fun to watch harvey pitch.”
  • “I’d trade sale in a second for Harvey. But i’m high on sale. i like him a lot. i just think he’s going to get injured. Harvey is a horse in the making.”

White Sox MLB Message Board Comments:

  • “I had some delicious, homemade Japanese curry for dinner along with some asparagus. It was quite amazing.”
  • “I don’t know who this guy is but he has a really low ERA. It would be nice if the Sox choose tonight as the time for remembering how to hit.”
  • “Matt Harvey is actually the next big thing in baseball. Check his stats from last year…..comic book numbers.”
  • “That ump looked so disappointed calling Alex safe, but I commend him for not getting caught up in the moment.”
  • “this guys stuff is better than strasburg’s.”
  • “This team is fuking pathetic”
  • “I don’t always agree with Ventura. But there was nothing he could have done tonight except maybe pinch-hit himself and actually get on base.”

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